Right to Know

Letort Regional Authority Access to Public Records

Section 1. Purpose. This policy shall implement and govern the release of public records by personnel of the Letort Regional Authority. It is intended to comply with the Right to Know Law of Pennsylvania, 65 P.S. ¤ 67.101 et seq., as amended, and where the provisions of this policy conflict with any provision of the Act, the latter shall control. Section 2. Definitions. (a) ACT Ð The Act commonly known as the Right to Know Law of Pennsylvania or the Pennsylvania Right to Know Law, 65 P.S. ¤ 67.101 et seq., as amended. (b) AUTHORITY Ð The Letort Regional Authority, and all of its respective appointed officials. (c) PUBLIC RECORD Ð An Authority record, including a financial record, that: (1) is not exempt under Section 708 of the Act; (2) is not exempt from being disclosed under any other Federal or State law or regulation or judicial order or decree; or (3) is not protected by privilege. (d) RECORD Ð Information, regardless of physical form or characteristics, that documents an Authority transaction or activity and that is created, received or retained pursuant to law or in connection with an Authority transaction, business or activity. The term includes a document, paper, letter, map, book, tape, photograph, film or sound recording, information stored or maintained electronically and a data-processed or image-processed document. (e) REQUESTER Ð A person that is a legal resident of the United States and requests a record pursuant to this Act. The term includes an agency. (f) RESPONSE Ð Access to a record or the Authority's written notice granting, delaying, denying or partially granting and partially denying access to a record. Section 3. Denial of access to persons who are not requesters. The Authority shall deny access to public records to any person who is not a requester. Section 4. Record not accessible as public record. No record, other than a public record, shall be made available to a requester. The Authority shall not be required to create a public record which does not currently exist or to compile, maintain format or organize a public record in a manner in which the Authority does not currently compile, maintain, format or organize the public record.