Our Nature Trail

Our Mission

The mission of the LeTort Regional Authority is to protect and preserve the LeTort Spring Run and its watershed by promoting flood control and developing access and recreational opportunities within the watershed. Along the run, the LeTort Nature Trail represents a great opportunity for the authority to provide the residents and visitors of the Carlisle area and Cumberland County with an enjoyable recreational experience as well as a viable transportation alternative.


Walking and hiking will likely be the most prevalent use of the Nature Trail. However, it will be planned as a multi‐use trail so other users will expect equal access. Seniors are especially attracted to trails for daily walking exercise that gets them out of the house and into the natural environment. Parents with small children also enjoy taking brief walks along trails.


The Nature Trail provides great access to fishing opportunities along the LeTort Spring Run in accordance with Pennsylvania Fish & Boat Commission regulations. Fishermen typically have a deep appreciation for the resources provided by the run and contribute greatly to the protection of the watershed and its resources.


For the two major groups of on‐road bicyclists, weekend riders and serious long‐distance riders, the Nature Trail will offer both groups a preferred alternative. Bicyclists seeking recreation and daily exercise will be able to travel short distances on a smooth surface while long‐distance riders, on the other hand, will enjoy the fact that this trail connects to South Spring Garden Street with bicycle lanes in the Borough of Carlisle, meeting their desire for a longer ride.


Picnicking and family gatherings will no doubt be a popular activity along the Nature Trail. Numerous benches and rest areas are interspersed with trailheads, providing many serene locations for family fun. But remember: Camping and campfires are not permitted.