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About the Miriam Crawfoot Memorial Conservation Award

Each year the LeTort Regional Authority considers honoring an individual or organization with the Miriam Crawfoot Memorial Conservation Award. The award recognizes an individual(s) or organization who has contributed significantly to the preservation and restoration of the LeTort Spring Run and its watershed.

Miriam Crawfoot served as a municipal representative and as chairperson of the LeTort Regional Authority and was instrumental in preserving the Run and having it designated as a component of the Pennsylvania Scenic River Program. The award was established in 1988 and serves as a memorial to her outstanding conservation efforts and initiatives.

Previous award recipients include Mr. Charles Fox, Mr. John Broujos, Mr. Robert Schott, Mr. Frank Hefelfinger, Dr. James Richenderfer, the Natural Lands Trust, the Cumberland Valley Chapter of Trout Unlimited, the Environmental Studies Department of Dickinson College, South Middleton Township, TresslerCare Wilderness School, and James and Mario Bartoli.